Saturday, October 11, 2008


With the start of October, we were expecting B's library to start Saturday hours again after stopping for the summer. On the downside, his Saturday hours make my work schedule much more complicated and can create entire weekends where we're both working and we barely see each other. But on the plus side, they give B periodic days off during the week that now that we have regular daycare, we can use to do wild, radical things like go to movies. (GASP! I KNOW! Will our wild bohemian ways never cease?)

So we had our schedules all hammered out for October and we were ready. Then the mayor told all city agencies to find a way to cut money, and one way the library decided to do it was by cancelling Saturday hours for a bunch of libraries. Including B's. Then a week later, he a got a call saying his library was opening on Saturday after all. An hour later, another call cancelling them again. Then Wednesday, the mayor declared that he hadn't want any of the cost-saving measures implemented, he just wanted them proposed so he could sit and contemplate them. So once again, Saturday hours were back on.

B did in fact work today, so I'm cautiously assuming that this final change is going to last more than a few hours. Or maybe every Saturday the library will become Schrodinger's library, impossible to know if it's open or closed.

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