Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh you have got to be KIDDING me

Olwen is missing.

Since yesterday. It definitely happened yesterday, but we have no freaking clue when it could have happened, except that she managed to slip out around our ankles as we were going out to the car. When Sonya disappeared, I felt guilty because I was pretty sure I knew when it happened and I might have been able to find her if I hadn't been in a hurry. But now? I'm just bewildered.

How, in 9 years of loving, responsible pet ownership (regular vet visits, vaccinations and medical treatment, provision of ample food, treats and toys, lavish applications of affection), can we possibly lose two cats in a month? Two lovey, affectionate cats that gave every impression that gave every impression that they loved us too?

The only thing that has occurred to me is that Olwen left to try and find Sonya. She's definitely been missing her. I admit, I've entertained fantasies of finding both of them together. At the very least, we haven't given up hope on finding Olwen. She was seen around the neighborhood last night, and she is much smarter and tougher than Sonya. I have much more confidence in her ability to survive outdoors for a while, not to mention more confidence that she'll be able to find her way home again when she feels like it.

But meanwhile, I think we feel like the most imcompetent pair of pet owners in the world. Two cats in a MONTH? Was it something we said?

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