Monday, December 3, 2007

Two books I found at work today

Your Psychic Power and How to Develop Them

Psychic Archeology: Your Time Machine to the Past

And as a result of this, I now know that "Parapsychology and Archeology" is a Library of Congress subject heading. Words cannot express my delight.

We have a surprisingly large 133* section. I think we may have gotten a donation from a generous crackpot, or perhaps the crackpot's heirs. I think that section may soon get quite a bit smaller, since I don't think we really need to be giving shelf space to the writings of crazy nutters that haven't been checked out in the past twenty years. If they were popular writings of crazy nutters, that would be a different matter entirely. But given the dust from a bygone prehistoric era that puffs up every time you open one of those books, I think that's a section ripe for weeding.

*Occultism and Supernatural/Parapsychology/crazy weird ravings by eccentric loons

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